Computer Programming for Grades K-5

Every job students will eventually have will require some level of computer programming and mathematical reasoning.  At students of all ages can learn computer programming in a fun, step-by-step, enjoyable way.

Now in beta, introduces 3 courses of computer science for the elementary school level.  At each level, students practice their reasoning skills in a game-like environment while they learn to write computer code.

Course 1: for early-readers, ages 4-6

Course 1

Course 2: for beginners, ages 6+

Course 2

Course 3: for ages 6+

Course 3

These course experiences blend online, self-guided and self-paced tutorials with "unplugged" activities - lessons that teach computing concepts without a computer. Each level consists of about 20 lessons that may be implemented as one contiguous unit or one lesson a week for a semester. Each lesson may be implemented within a standard 30-45 minute period.

How does it work?  Teachers sign up for an account.  Next create a class.  Add student names, print out cards with student logins, and voilá, your class is ready to begin.  You can choose the option system generated passcode images or passwords, or you can enter your own student passwords. Younger students may prefer images as their passcodes as in the screenshot below.

Course 1 student list

Students can work on computer programming on any device. The courses have been designed for students of all ages and they reinforce math, science, and English education standards for elementary school students. Help your students strengthen their reasoning skills.