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Here's an example of the latest Google updates about the relationship between Google Docs and Microsoft Office.

Convert Office files to Google in one click
With just one click on the new edit icon in Gmail attachments, you can automatically convert Office documents — giving you the additional benefits of a single document to keep track of, access from anywhere (even offline!), and revision history.

15 new supported Office formats
You can now import 15 new Office formats — including presentation show files (pps, ppsx), macro-enabled files, and template files — all with improved charts, images, and tables support!

Edit Office files with Google Office Editor
Sometimes you need to open and edit an Office file without converting it to Google formats, so to have that choice, just install the Chrome extension: Once it’s in place, you’ll have the option to convert the file by clicking on the pencil icon, or edit the file as is by clicking on the attachment card and selecting open from the top of the file preview.