UCET Newsletters

UCET newsletter iconAre you looking for some great resources for educational technology ideas, PC/Mac tips and tricks, iPad apps, etc?  The UCET newsletter is the motherlode of great tech ideas for teachers.

To sign up for the UCET newsletters and the UCET mailing list, do the following...

  • Create a new email to SYMPA@lists.usu.edu
  • Subject: subscribe UCET
    • Be sure there's no text or signature in the body of the message (must be blank)
  • Click send

The newsletter is always available at http://www.ucet.org/newsletter

Check out past month newsletters as well, for more golden nuggets.  You will not be disappointed.

Remember, the yearly technology conference, UCET, is coming up soon.  It will be held April 2 and 3 at Herriman High.  Register to attend at UCET.org.

Thanks to Nathan Smith, Director of Technology,  College of Education & Human Services at Utah State and his team for these great UCET newsletters.