Elementary MasteryConnect Summer/Fall Training

Elementary Mastery Connect Basics and Mastery Connect Intermediate training classes are now open for registration in JPLS. Registration is required at: https://jpls.truenorthlogic.com.  You must be a certificated Jordan District teacher contracted for the 2015-16 school year to attend these trainings and receive a stipend.

Elementary MasteryConnect Basics Training (2 hr stipend for each class)

In-person training: Below are the in-person training dates for the Elementary MasteryConnect Basics and Intermediate classes.  Register in JPLS for one Basic training session and one Intermediate training session that works best for your schedule.   (2 hr stipend for each class).


Online training: If you prefer to learn MasteryConnect online, there are classes available.  Basic and Intermediate online classes are offered every week from June through October.  Register in JPLS.  Training is done in Google Classroom.  There is a 2 hour stipend for each online class until August 31.  Below is the schedule for the Basics and Intermediate classes.

It is best to take the Basics class first, then take the Intermediate class at a later time.   Register in JPLS for one Basic training class and one Intermediate training class that works best for your schedule.   

MasteryConnect Online Dates

Mastery Connect Basics training will cover

  • The reason/purpose for MasteryConnect.
  • Log into the MasteryConnect.
  • Access and edit your profile and reset your password if necessary.
  • Find and use the MasteryConnect “Help Section” to answer your questions.
  • Create a Mastery Tracker.
  • Add students to a Mastery Tracker individually, through SIS integration, and/or copying students from another Tracker.
  • Navigate all the drop-down menus in a Mastery Tracker.
  • Find a common assessment and add it to a tracker.
  • Create an assessment in your Mastery Tracker.
  • Assess student learning by using a printed bubble sheet, the MasteryConnect app, a rubric, or the performance grader.
  • Export assessment scores to Skyward Gradebook.
  • Archive and delete Mastery Trackers.

Mastery Connect Intermediate training will cover:

  • Create and/or copy a Curriculum Map.
  • Customize a Curriculum Map.
  • Collaborate with others on a Curriculum Map.
  • Organize standards in a Curriculum Map.
  • Add resources to a Curriculum Map.
  • Create a Mastery Tracker from a Curriculum Map.
  • Identify District benchmarks and SLO Assessments. (Student Learning Objectives Assessments)
  • Interpret data in a Mastery Tracker.
  • Access reports in a Mastery Tracker.
  • Create, add, and use a rubric assessment in Mastery Tracker.
  • Use the performance grader to assess students.
  • Archive/delete a Mastery Tracker.