Hardware Software Vendors

Please contact  your Curriculum Technology Specialist or any of the vendors below for assistance with quotes for hardware/software items you may need for your school's CSIP.

Apple Products  .. PC Hardware  .. PC Hardware
Apple Dynarama Connection
Paulo Braganholo Jeff Thornton Jon Dobs
800-800-2775 x46508 801-547-9747 385-208-5701
pbraganholo@apple.com jeff@dynarama.com Jdobbs@govconnection.com
http://www.apple.com www.dynarama.com/jordan www.govconnection.com
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Hardware, Software, Print Supplies  . Microsoft and Adobe Software  . Printers, Cartridges, Misc
CDW-Gov En Pointe Technology VLCM (formerly Valcom)
Aric Sacks For Hardware contact: Sam Andersen
866-223-0346 PCStores@enpointe.com 801-262-9277
aricsac@cdwg.com For Software contact: Sandersen@vlcmtech.com
http://www.cdwg.com UtahWSCASoftware@enpointe.com


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Audio Visual Audio Visual Audio Visual
Webb Audio Visual Troxell Audio Enhancements
Chris Webb Dean Knudsen Teresa Miller
801-484-8567 800-578-8858 x4504 800-383-9362
chrisw@webbav.com 801-803-8770 teresa.miller@audioenhancements.com
Software Vendor Software Vendor Software Vendor
Softwarehouse International Logisoft Learning Services
Daniel Pressley Bob Long Donna Villena
800-527-6389 x7148 888-564-4763 x125 800-877-9378
teamutah@shi.com rlong@logisoft.com donna@learningservicesus.com
https://www.shi.com http://www.logisoft.com http://www.learningservicesus.com
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Software Vendor RAM (Memory) RAM (Memory)
Tech4Learning Logical Ram Rocky Mountain Ram
Ulana Korovec Kim Myers Steve Fredrickson
877-834-5453 x213 877-593-3100 800-543-0932
ukorovec@tech4learning.com info@lrsmemory.com sales@rockymtnram.com
http://www.tech4learning.com http://www.lrsmemory.com http://www.ram-it.com
Learning A-Z Other World Computing JSD Norton Antivirus
Learning A-Z Macs, Mac Accessories Michelle Smolik
Burton Romney Loren Samaras JSD Support Services
866-889-3731 800-275-4576 x215 801-567-8737
bromney@learninga-z.com lsamaras@macsales.com PC/Mac new or renewal $4.30 each
http://www.learninga-z.com www.macsales.com michelle.smolik@jordandistrict.org