Ed Tech Endorsement Program (ETEP) Overview

Program Description

The Educational Technology Endorsement Program (ETEP) is provided by the Jordan School District in partnership with the Utah State Board of Education, UEN and Utah Valley University. Leading to an endorsement in Educational Technology, the program consists of 18 credit hours of courses. Most participants take about 2 years to complete all requirements, though it can be done in a single year. You have 3 years to complete the program. Credit earned in the program can also be used for salary lane changes. Coursework can be applied towards a Master degree program from either Utah Valley University.

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The ETEP requires nine credits from Utah Valley University and nine credits from Utah Education Network.  These courses can be completed through Jordan District, or UEN.  The ETEP program is focused around the ISTE Standards for Teachers. Participants will take various courses from Standards 1-4. Standard 5 is achieved through participation in the ETEP program and attendance at an EdTech conference.

Utah Education Network Courses taught in conjunction with Jordan District (9 Credits)

  • UEN Essentials (3 Credits)
    • A UEN Tools and Resources Course (1 Credit)
    • A Utah’s Online Library Course (1 Credit)
    • An Online Teaching & Learning Course (1 Credit)

University Courses (9 credits) – Utah Valley University

  • EDUC 5820 Designing and Producing Media for Instruction  (3 Credits) Spring 2017
  • EDUC 5810 Leadership in Instructional Design and Educational Technology (3 Credits) Summer 2017
  • EDUC 5830 Digital Models of Instruction (3 Credits) Fall 2017